American Standard Air Conditioner Reviews

American Standard manufacturers air conditioners and other HVAC equipment mainly for residential but American Standard also makes light commercial HVAC equipment. American Standard air conditioners range in efficiency level from 13 SEER to 20 SEER giving the American Standard air conditioner one of the highest efficiency ratings in the HVAC industry for air conditioners. American Standard air conditioners also come in a variety of configurations from the standard split system air conditioner to the package unit air conditioner with either gas heat or in the heat pump configuration. Some features of various American Standard air conditioners are:

  • American Standard air conditioner top of the line model has the ability to communicate to the home owner or technician if there is a problem or if a setting needs to be changed remotely.
  • Two compressors provide two-stage cooling for the high efficiency models
  • Energy star rating for various American Standard air conditioner models
  • Various American Standard air conditioners use variable speed motors in the indoor unit and the outdoor unit
  • Spine fin coils for most American Standard condensing unit coils
  • Durable and rugged cabinet protects the coils for long life

American became Tappan Air Conditioning division in 1972. American-Standard purchased the Trane Company in 1984. American-Standards name revived in 1988. American Standard is based out of Tyler, Texas and they produce air conditioning and heating equipment along with other products for the home. In 2008 American Standard was acquired by Ingersoll-Rand along with American Standards sister company Trane.

If you have a particular model number for any type of HVAC Equipment please email us and we will do an HVAC technical review of the air conditioning or heating equipment for you.

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American Standard Air Conditioner Reviews

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2 thoughts on “American Standard Air Conditioner Reviews”

  1. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 04, 2011
    Recommend you do not buy American Standard

    Reviewed by N. Stephens September 22, 2010
    Recommend you do not buy American Standard

    After only 14 months, my expensive new American Standard air-conditioner has blown out and so far, all they’re doing is taking photos and deciding what to do because, “This never happens.” Yeah, right.


    Think carefully before you buy this brand because it doesn’t appear to be quality equipment and customer service isn’t too responsive.


    I’m extremely unhappy and no one seems to care at all. It’s very hot and I paid these people good money and a lot of money for this NOT to happen!

  2. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 04, 2011
    Cannot Recommend American Standard Air Conditioner

    Reviewed by Rita Kroeber November 11, 2010

    Cannot Recommend American Standard Air Conditioner

    This may have been a premier product at one time, but the new system has been nothing but trouble since the first year it was installed. Leaks, poor fittings, compressor constantly cuts out and needs a service call. In the 3 years I’ve had it, they’ve had to replace virtually everything…fan, coil, etc. When it works, it works great, but if I had not purchased the Extended Warranty for this American Standard AC unit, it would be completely unaffordable to maintain.

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