Armstrong Package Unit Reviews

Armstrong package units come in configurations of air conditioning only package units, air conditioning package units with electric heat, heat pump package units, and air conditioner package units with gas heat also known as gas packs. Various features of select Armstrong package units:

  • Armstrong package units come with either 1″, 2″, or 4″ filter sizes
  • Armstrong package units have easy access panels for easier maintence
  • Select Armstrong package units are Energy Star rated
  • Select Armstrong package units available with R410A or R22
  • Variable speed blower motors available in select Armstrong package units

Armstrong was founded in 1928 in Columbus, Ohio by Lennox, the maker of other air conditioning and heating products. Lennox sold Armstrong and then later reacquired Armstrong so Armstrong is officially owned by Lennox. Armstrongs manufacturers air conditioning and heating equipment in Orangeburg, South Carolina where the have a state of art facility desinged to produce quality air conditioning and heating products. Armstrong believes in quality and they run test every piece of equipment before it leaves its factory.

If you have a particular model number for any type of HVAC Equipment please email us and we will do an HVAC technical review of the air conditioning or heating equipment for you.


Armstrong Package Unit Reviews

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