Broan Air Conditioners Reviews


Broan Air Conditioner Reviews – Ratings

Broan air conditioners offer the low end air conditioner beginning at 13 SEER and the high end Braon air conditioner comes in at a whopping 24.5 SEER which is hard to beat for any air source air conditioner. Broan air conditioners are actually manufactured by Nordyne who perfected the IQ Drive system that makes the Broan air conditioners so efficient. The top of the line Broan air conditioner at 24.5 SEER is a higher SEER rating than some geothermal heat pump systems. The IQ Drive system uses the same inverter technology that has been perfected in mini-split ductless air conditioner and heat pump systems. Inverter systems modulate depending on the load of the system with modulation rates from approximately 20% all the way up to 100% based on load or actual cooling demand for the air conditioner. Various features of select Broan air conditioners include:

  • The Broan air conditioner top of the line model will save you energy dollars
  • ECM variable speed blowers in select Broan air conditioners
  • Rotary compressors in select Broan air conditioners
  • Scroll compressors in mid-range efficiency Broan air conditioners
  • Dehumidification control with select Broan air conditioners

Broan Air Conditioners Reviews

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