Buderus Boiler Reviews

Buderus offers hot water boilers with efficiency ranges from 81.5% AFUE to 95% AFUE for both Buderus gas fired boilers and Burerus oil fired boilers. Selected Buderus hot water boilers can also be used with PVC venting on selected hot water boiler systems. PVC pipe venting is typically used on condensing furnace and boilers where the flue temperatures are low. Condensing boilers can also use 100% outside air for combustion air so no air is used from inside the structure for combustion air. This eliminates pressure issues related to furnaces and boilers that use indoor air for combustion air. Selected features of various Buderus hot water boilers are:

  • Stainless Steel corrosion resitant burners
  • Selected Buderus hot water boilers come with either standing pilot or electronic ignition
  • Quality cast iron in selected Buderus hot water boilers
  • Unique Buderus hot water boiler Logamatic controls available as an option on Buderus hot water boilers

Buderus is German company that has been in business for 275 years producing hot water boilers and other boiler related accessories.

For a technical review of a specific Buderus boiler please email us and we will do a technical review on the particular Buderus boiler you are considering to purchase.


Buderus Boiler Reviews

Updated: February 6, 2013 — 10:41 pm


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  1. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Buderus is a fine product

    Reviewed by joe walbran January 21, 2009
    Buderus is a fine product

    Our house has had a Buderus 110K BTU/hour gas fired boiler for 5 years. It replaced a round 1940 monster. We have 5 zones due to various add-ons to the place. A simple system.
    House always warm as set. Last week it was -17 degees here.
    Quiet. No failures.
    Last inspection showed it was CLEAN inside. The technician could not believe it had been in for 5 years.
    Of less importance, its blue jacket looks good in my boiler room. [I car waxed it.]
    Germans do iron cast parts well.

    1. I live in new York Long Island and I am going to be putting in a new Gas Boiler. I have two in mind and would like to know which one is the more reliable unit. One is the Buderus GC124/25 or the Burnham ES2-5 unit. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated for I know very little about Gas Boilers. I was thinking that buying American would be good because of getting parts if needed. But I thought that a German made boiler would be a better product. Which Boiler would you recommend and why? I thank you so much for your input.

  2. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011

    Reviewed by FRANK August 20, 2011

    We spent the xtra $ for the “best” ,but from the first month thru the second winter we would wake up to 55 degrees ..( 4 zones) .Installers could not fix the issue ,,somewhat because it only happened every 4 to 6 weeks ,, When he decided it must be a bad “”BRAIN” it was past the warranty period.. The supplier would not warranty it. I have almost 1k in bills and still are afraid to take a winter vacation.. Buderus does not seem to have a contact option on their website..Hmm.?

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