Ruud Air Conditioner Reviews

Ruud offers several air conditioner models from 13 (excluding the 10 SEER commercial unit listed) all the way up to the Ruud 18 SEER model of air conditioner. Ruud air conditioners come in various sizes for residential and light commercial applications. Features of selected Ruud air conditioners include:

  • On board diagnostics for easier troubleshooting on selected air conditioners
  • Fault recall on selected air conditioner circuit boards
  • Scroll compressor in selected air conditioners
  • Humidity control when the air conditioner condenser is matched with a Prestige series air handler

Ruud is the sister company of Rheem. Rheem Manufacturing Company was established in 1920’s by Richard and Donald Rheem when the two brothers bought a galvanizing plant in San Francisco, CA. In the 40’s and 50’s Rheem expanded it’s core product line of water heaters to include air conditioning and heating equipment. Rheem has expanded and is now a global company with offices in Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia, and South America.

If you are considering the purchase of a new Ruud HVAC product please email us with the specific model number and any information you may on the Ruud HVAC equipment you are interested in and we will do a technical review for you. Please review the current HVAC equipment you now own.

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Ruud Air Conditioner Reviews


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3 thoughts on “Ruud Air Conditioner Reviews”

  1. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Ruud AC

    Reviewed by Ryan April 12, 2010
    Ruud AC

    Very good AC. It has been problem free for 5 years and and is fairly quiet. Glad I went with Ruud.

  2. Have a Ruud A/C unit, RSNM Series, Model A030JK000, 2.5 Ton/30,000 BTU installed in July 2009. Last summer (2012) we began losing refrigerant and it took some time, including adding dye into the lines, to finally discover a leak in the condenser coil. A new coil was received under warranty, but of course we had a big bill for replacement and refrigerant, as well as the diagnosing costs.
    A few days ago, 7-31-2013, our house again got overly warm and our A/C repairman again found low refrigerant level. There was enough dye still in the system for us to now see multiple small leaks in this replacement coil. Apparantly the coil will again be supplied free under warranty, but I’m still required to pay for the installation.
    MY QUESTION: Has this kind of coil failure been a common occurance with Ruud A.C units? Do I have any recourse with the manufacturer due to ongoiung problems with my unit and multiple others? So far, I’ve been unable to locate much online regarding recalls or mulitple complaints, althought I did find one site with owner ratings for Ruud of 50 out of 107 giving “very unsatisfactory” reviews.
    I would appreciate any help, or direction, you can give me.
    THANKS, Bud Gramer

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