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State Water Heater Reviews

State Water Heater Reviews - Consumer RatingsState Water Heater Reviews –¬†State Industries manufacturers conventional hot water heaters for residential and commercial applications that either electric, gas or oil fired water heaters, tankless water heaters, storage tanks (indirect fired), expansion tanks and hot water heating accessories. Selected water heaters comply with Energy Star efficiency ratings and selected models qualify for LEED points for Green Building projects. Various features of selected models include:

  • Self-cleaning models for selected gas fired models
  • 2″ thick foam to reduce heat loss for selected models
  • Built in heat traps for selected models
  • Low NOx on selected models
  • Glass-lined tanks with two anode rods on select models
  • Complies with UL codes
  • Factory installed temperature and pressure valves on all models
  • Gas fired power vent models available on select units
  • Models available specifically for manufactured housing

When you buy a water efficiency is important. You want to look at efficiency of the water heater including the amount of insulation the water heater has to reduce heat loss even in the off cycle. An automatic vent damper, for gas or oil water heaters, also helps to save energy buy closing the vent in the off cycle. The prevents heat from escaping when the water heater is turned off. For electric, oil or gas you want heat traps installed on the water lines so it prevents hot water from migrating causing the water heater to cycle unnecessarily.  All these things add up to saving for you in the future for energy costs.

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State Water Heater Reviews | Consumer Ratings – About State

State Water Heaters is based out of Ashland, TN with a total of 7 manufacturing plants and hundreds of distribution facilities nationally. State manufacturers more than 500 water heater products using new technologies to ensure you get the latest innovations for longer better efficiency in durable products.

For more on State products go to their website here.

State Water Heater Reviews

State Water Heater Reviews


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  1. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011

    Reviewed by embrey January 25, 2010

    I have lived in a brand new 3600 square foot house with 4 bathrooms for three years. At the 2 1/2 year mark, the pilot light on our State water heater started failing. The plumber informed me that the cause was the new federal safety measures which stated that the flame had to be fully encased (so that idiots that place thier gas cans by the water heater don’t blow themselves up). Being fully encased, there is a gas regulator that had to be replaced on the front of the unit (about $300). About two months later, the State water heater started failing again. The same plumber came out and cleaned the filter on the front and screen on the bottom of the inside of the heater, and replaced the heating element at no charge (good plumber!). He told me that Whirlpool has had the same issues (and lost a class action lawsuit) with their enclosed system. Now the State heater is working fine (cross your fingers!). My plumber recommended that when the State heater does go out, that I replace it with a Bradford White. He states that he never has problems with them. It is very disconcerting that we have had that conversation when my State water heater is only 3 years old.

  2. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Not Recommended

    Reviewed by Jack Dedert May 10, 2010
    Not Recommended

    I’ve had two State 50 gal. gas water heaters. The first failed prematurely due to faulty welding around the flue at the top of the tank. It developed pinhole leaks in that location at about four years.

    The second suffered from a minor flooding event in our basement. Less than three inches of water caused the burner to extinguish. The manual states that ANY part of the unit being under water destroys the heater and it cannot be fixed. Indeed the unit will not stay lit, probably due to the stupid vents to the stupid sealed combustion chamber being clogged or wet. When I pulled the burner unit after a week of ‘drying out’ time, there was still standing water in the bottom. I believe that if I could dry this out, the heater would light. The manual says otherwise.

    This is partly an installation issue, as the previous heater was elevated off the floor; and had the plumbers (Piedmont Natural Gas, our utility), done the same, this would never have happened. However, nothing I can find in the plumbing code precludes direct floor contact. I guess common sense is not all that common in therein….

    1. Four years down the line we have sold the home, with the State water heater still working satisfactorily.

      The unit was less than a year old when the flooding event above occurred. I removed the burner unit and set a fan in the opening for over a week. Contrary to warnings on the unit, once the entire enclosed unit dried out thoroughly, the pilot lit and there have been no further problems.

      A caution to homeowners: make sure your plumber installs the unit in an elevated position, off the floor if there is absolutely any likelihood of water flooding the unit. State will not warrant the unit if it gets submerged even a few inches. A professional plumber would be unlikely to go to the lengths I did to save it.

      While I saved nearly a thousand dollars, it was an extremely cooperative family who survived over three weeks without hot water to do so. In retrospect, had I not waited a week, and had put an electric heater in the opening instead of just a fan, it would have dried much quicker.

      1. curious if I have the same problem are you a builder in the quincy ill area and could it be the exact location of the fix you applied 1414 Cadbury ridge thank you kindly

  3. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Do Not Buy!!

    Reviewed by Greg Wallace May 25, 2010
    Do Not Buy!!

    I’ve had a state hot water heater for 3 years now. It is a high efficiency direct vent type. It came in new construction so I had no choice in the matter.
    The problems started from the beginning. It will not stay on. There is a pressure sensor attached to outlet fan that will detect if there is a blockage. None of the plumbers who installed they system had a clue what was going on. It happens anytime there is a breeze, not even a high wind.
    It appears that my sensor is way more sensitive than any of the other 30 units that have the same exact model.
    State has denied any problems with unit from the beginning plus their warranty is a PAY UP FRONT type then beg for your money back.
    So in order to have a working unit I’m going to have to buy a new one!!!


  4. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Poor product

    Reviewed by Kim Medici June 18, 2010
    Poor product

    Have had problems with our gas 50 gallon H2O heater after 4 years. It was installed by our builder in our new costruction home. The heater goes into “lock-out” mode and the water comes out luke warm. We have spent over $300 in 2 different trips out to our house by a plumber. We figured it would be cheaper to fix as this is a fairly new heater. The 1st time the plumber(from the group that initially installed the unit)came out he cleaned the sensors and removed a “pan” from under the heating element that should not have been installed in the 1st place(he said)and declared it fixed. Of course, within a month the same set of symptoms occurred. We had the same plumber return he again cleaned the sensors and said it could be a few things both of which would cost over $500 in parts not to mention labor with no promise of being fixed. We are living with the problem for now as it is warm and the water is not uncomfortable but will need to have this heater replaced by winter.I promise it will NOT be a State Select!

  5. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Favorable Unit

    Reviewed by B June 21, 2010
    Favorable Unit

    I’ve had a 50 gallon gas hot water heater since spring og 2001 and it developed a leak today on 6/21/10. A plumber/tech came out and replaced the expansion tank and some piping. Cost was under $200 and I’m impressed by the unit overall.

  6. At the 2 year mark, My State water heater started failing. Don’t waste your money. This unit is a complete RIP OFF!!! The manufacturer will not help you. They only have a 6 HA year warranty on parts for this unit, and you pay the labor for the parts. The water heater will only be replaced if the water heater leaks. Anything else? Well, forget it. State is junk…. If I were you, I wouldn’t buy this product.

  7. I will never buy a State water heater again – I have replaced the thermo cuplor 3 times in the past 7 years. The last one in July.

  8. State electric 56 gal.water heater just died. Installed 1988, hard well water, didn’t drain or flush it, replaced elements once ourselves. Hoping product hasn’t changed!

    1. I just had a water heater installed. Plumber isn’t very intelligent, obviously. I asked him about efficiency rating. He ignored that. I asked him about warranty – 6 years is not acceptable. Guess what he put in. A defective water heater with a 6 year warranty, at the bottom of efficiency scale. And I’ve been without hot water since this piece of crap was installed yesterday. Probably a dangerous situation, as well.

  9. Have a 40 year old State 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater that was installed when the house was built. I have replaced elements and thermostats as normal maintenance. Thinking about retirement and trying to upgrade everything while I am still working including the water heater even though it is still working fine. Looking at another State Model since this one has worked great.

    1. Would not recommend. Mine was installed and the pilot went out almost immediately. The company ended up sending their certified rep out and after a couple of tries, it remained lit. However, I don’t know what the adjustment was it needed! They were going to return a few days later and it didn’t happen.

  10. We had a plumber install a new State water heater in July 2011. The Honeywell Gas Control valve has broken 3 times. I have spent $654.91 in less than 4 years just for labor charges to keep it working. There should be a lawsuit against State Water Heaters. This water heater is piece of junk!!!!

  11. I just purchased a State Water Heater on Feb. 5, 2016. The unite hasn’t worked to my satisfaction yet. The water temp never seems to get above a few degrees above lukewarm. My hot water temp would get so hot with my old unit that I would have to turn it down after a few seconds. The State water heater never gets very hot. Trust me, run if someone tells you they are going to replace your unit with a State unit.

  12. I purchased a State water heater on 9/2014. Paid a pretty penny for it with installation and all. On 2/2106 water heater failed and would not relight. Had to call a service tech out & was charged $129.50 to replace pilot assembly. The part for $30 was covered, but service tech fee to come out & labor wasn’t. Now, 2 mths later 4/2016; I have no hot water again. Tried to light pilot with no luck. Gonna have to pay another service fee & labor for someone to come out and look at it again. I wouldn’t recommend a State water heater to anyone; a non-reliable piece of junk & definitely not worth the money!!!

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