Water Furnace Geothermal Heat Pump ReviewsWater Furnace Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews – these geothermal heat pump systems are available for both residential and commercial air conditioning and heating systems with inefficiencies ranging from 17.5 EER up to 30 EER for the geothermal heat pump systems that is the top of the line model.. These geothermal heat pump systems come in packaged systems and split systems along with the Water Furnace water to water systems for radiant heating systems and other hot water applications. Select features of this geothermal heat pump system include:

  • Microprocessor controls with easy to use heat pump troubleshooting diagnostics available in select ground source systems
  • Select ground source systems are Energy Star rated
  • Select systems have variable speed ECM blower motors
  • Water Furnace  utilizes R-410A
  • Optional desuperheaters available
  • use scroll compressors for high performance

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Water Furnace Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews