New Yorker Boiler Reviews

New Yorker Residential heating boilers offers various boilers for heating homes. New Yorker is based out of Hatfield, PA and offers boilers in gas and oil plus some add ons for coal and wood for selected boilers. The capacity ranges for New Yorker hot water boilers make them ideal for residential use. The efficiency ranges for New Yorker hot water boilers range from 80% AFUE to 87.6% AFUE (according to New Yorker efficiency ratings listed on the New Yorker website). Various features of selected New Yorker hot water boilers are:

  • Cast iron or steel heat exchangers available on selected New Yorker hot water boilers
  • Lifetime limited warranty on selected New Yorker hot water boiler heat exchangers
  • models can be retorfitted with indirect-fired hot water heat for domestic hot water use
  • selected New Yorker hot water boiler models come configured for automatic vent damper
  • Selected New Yorker hot water boilers utilize name brand controls
  • New Yorker hot water boiler cabinets are powder coated and insulated for reduction in heat loss
  • Standing pilot or electronic igntion systems available

New Yorker is a subsidiary of Burnham Holdings which is the parent company of Burnham Hydronics – the maker of Burnham Boilers.


New Yorker Boiler Reviews

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2 thoughts on “New Yorker Boiler Reviews”

  1. I have a brand new New Yorker Boiler oil fired heating system that has never been fired up even once, yet is completely defective from the manufacturer. Even though this is a brand new, unused boiler, the company is refusing to replace this defective unit under warranty.

  2. I also had terrible luck with my New Yorker Boiler….also was denied a legitimate claim on my warranty. The boiler was garbage when new….and after two years, its now in the actual garbage dump. That’s what I get for buying American. Guess its German engineering from here out. This company is essentially ripping people off.

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